PAS Associated Pastors of Sardinia

The Cooperative Associated Pastors of Sardinia was established on 21/03/2011 by a group of farmers coordinated by Rino Putzolu  who, upon the input of the Law 15/2010, started a detailed operation by contacting numerous companies and succeeding to initially aggregate about 250 members who shared the goals and the by-laws.

An administrative office was immediately opened in Sanluri, given its centrality to the associates, which also served as a head office for making the first commercial contacts. It was also occupied with preparing all the documentation to request O.P. acknowledgment  (Protected Origin) by the Region of Sardinia, trying to aggregate the largest number of sheep and goat companies, aggregate the largest number of sheep and goat companies

Pastori Associati Sardegna Cooperative

Two years ago it acquired the f ormer Santa Marina Formaggi dairy ,where it subsequently established its legal and administrative office, restarting the dairy's production activities. In about two years it has produced one million litres of sheep, goat and cow milk, fifteen types of excellent cheeses and ricottas, creating a discrete portfolio of clients in local, national and foreign areas. Through its beautiful shop adjacent to the dairy, together with its cheeses, it promotes products of food and craft companies from the adjacent territory through sales, all in order to create development synergies, in collaboration with local authorities such as GAL, Consortium Sa Corona Arrubia, Association Le Tre Terre, Municipalities, etc.

The Cooperative is taking steps for the reduction of business costs, providing administrative and accounting services, promoting collective purchases of various raw materials used for their business needs. Its activities over the years have developed financial statements that continue to grow, currently up to about seven million euros, proof of the project's worth.

Breeding sheep and goats in Sardinia

The Cooperative also doubles as a legal form of representation of the sector's bureaucratic demands for itself and its associates against Regional Entities such as the Department of Agriculture, with which it is currently in discussions for the drafting of PSR notices, an Interprofessional Agreement and the role of OPs, trying to aggregate various Cooperatives such as: ASPI, Terra dei Centenari, I Pastori, Ichnos, Comapla and other smaller ones in order to have a representative weight both at an institutional and economic level, considering that together they possess about 25/30,000,000 litres of milk and an additional 150,000 lambs and kids. We also work with the Entities LAORE and AGRIS that monitor Quality Milk, IGP Lamb and various research on grasslands, as well as with the ASL (local health authority) regarding the BDN and disposal of carcasses, trying to involve members to comply with the directives in place.

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