PAS Associated Pastors of Sardinia


PAS Showroom:Cheese For Sale, Sardinia
Typical Products: Sardinian milk and cheese

The acquisition of the Villanovaforru cheese factory allowed the Pastori Associati Cooperative to start producing our own excellent cheeses, which have been available in many island and national shops for several years.

In our showroom, not only can you buy our products, but you also have the opportunity to sample a variety of cold dishes, including our cheeses, the best in Sardinia, as well as a selection of cured meats, breads, wines, honey and many other typical Sardinian products, which are also available to buy.

There is currently a growing interest in the historic flavours and culinary traditions of Sardinia.

The younger generation are rediscovering their love of "sardità", especially at the table, and are always on the look out for uniquely Sardinian products.

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