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The goal of the cooperative is to organise and collectively streamline the production and sale of farm products such as milk, meat, wool, etc., ensuring very high quality products through its supply chain monitoring and selling them in large quantities; PAS is a structure and a name that over time has become synonymous with authenticity and traceability as a support for and protection of the consumer.

Today PAS is not only a reference point for Agencies and Regional Offices, but also for its members as a representative body.

PAS cheese factory in Sardinia:Aging cheeses

The Cooperative Associated Pastors of Sardinia is an Organisation of Milk Producers, a raw material that was officially recognised in January 2012. It is a young cooperation, but it is already highly structured and dynamically linked to the traditions of Marmilla, Trexenta, Middle Campidano and Sulcis, areas where its 200 current members are located. This number does not include an additional fifty farmers who, although they are not members, deliver their products to PAS, who represents them by producing significant amounts in the sector of Sardinian ovine/caprine cooperatives. So we have come together for a common goal: to carry on the single economic solution that creates jobs for us, avoiding the depopulation of the countryside and small inland towns.

They put their individuality to the side in their contributions to a common goal, creating a strong synergy that allows us to have bargaining power, high quality standards of taste and authenticity, generating added value for the revival of Sardinia.

PAS cheese factory:Processing Pecorino di Sardegna

Promoting local products in accordance with traditions,but without ignoring new needs, in just 5 years the Associated Pastors of Sardinia has created a commercial network for the direct sale of products, starting with milkfrom both sheep and goats. It supplies both locally and abroad, an annual average quantity of about 6/7,000,000 litres, INEQ certified for DOP productions, in addition to 15/20,000 IGP certified lambs, kids, wool, sheep, etc. at remunerative prices obtained through collective bargaining with other groups.

In these few lines the Cooperative has presented a summary of its development, all of which took place in just five years. From nothing, it has created an economic structure that provides income to its members and employees, in addition to providing motivation to a very poor area where the populations are dwindling, like in Marmilla where job opportunities are virtually nil. Despite this, no one to date has given importance and attention, especially politics and the press, to a business that is growing day by day.

We therefore call on local farmers, especially the young, to join our PAS Cooperative, an increasingly strong group that is united in defending their work, bringing our claim forward together, at any level, for a better future for pastoralism and all of Sardinia.

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