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PAS Organisational Chart
PAS President

The Producers' Organisation Associated Pastors of Sardinia was established in March of 2011 and is based in Villanovaforru, where the administrative offices and management are located.

The Cooperative is managed by the President, Rino Putzolu, and six other members that make up the Board of Directors, supported by an Independent Auditor.

The administrative offices are run by two full-time accountants who are supported by an internal tax advisor who manages the accounting with the support of an outside firm of job counseling.

PAS cheese factory:Aging typical Sardinian cheeses

The cheese production it is entrusted to a full-time, expert cheesemaker who is helped by a seasonal worker with three trainees of the ICO project, in training for six months, in the hopes of turning them into future employees, while another intern was hired for a year with Flexicurity funding and is the shopkeeper that takes care of shipments and direct sales.

The collection and transport of milk is instead entrusted to two transport companies whose their four drivers guarantee the collection and timely delivery to our centre or our customers in various dairies via certified tanks they own.

Equipment at the PAS cheese factory in Villanovaforru, Sardinia

The PAS cooperative utilises the services of many plant engineers who in these two years have taken steps to restart the dairy plant, providing maintenance and adapting the systems to the milk treatment and processing needs. We also outsource IT, surveillance, telephone, electric and water services and anything else necessary to keep the business operating smoothly.

Financially, the cooperative works with three credit institutions (Banca di Sassari, Banca Prossima, BCC Arborea) that process all of our commercial operations.

For Regional Financing and various insurance, the cooperative has coverage provided by the Companies RAS and FATA, through appropriate policies. Any dispute is advised by a law firm thanks to the agreement we have with them in this regard.

Equipment at the PAS cheese factory in Villanovaforru, Sardinia

The cooperative's immediate goal is to purchase the dairy: negotiations recently started, contacting stakeholders and hoping for the deal's positive outcome. There are already many projects in place if the dairy structure is purchased: the first is for the construction of underground cells in the are in front of the offices, indispensable for getting the dairy up to full regime because the actual ageing cells are too small and are not suitable for certain types of cheeses. The second project is to build a warehouse above them that will be used as a shop for the sale to associates of products they use which are necessary for their business management, such as seeds, forage, light spare parts for farm equipment, wire mesh, packing, and most impotantly an animal pharmacy, given that in the territory there is no wholesale medicine available, used to treat and cure the flocks. All of the above are initiatives, that if implemented, will promote a strong reduction of business costs.

Equipment at the PAS cheese factory in Villanovaforru, Sardinia

The milk processing platform must additionally be revamped as it is also too small for the storage of large quantities in the case of foreign exports.

Whereas the main activity is, and remains, the direct sales of milk and as such it is OP recognised, the dairy would be able to lower processing times and store a much higher amount of milk product if it changes the unloading and milk transport functions with bigger lines, inserting a cold basin and a more powerful pasteuriser.

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